Norfolk 1890

Absolutely cramme with information, this CD Comprises a General Survey of the County; Histories, Statistical and Topographical descriptions of all the Hundreds, Liberties, Unions, Boroughs, Towns, Ports, Parishes, Townships, Villages and Hamlets; Showing their extent and population; their agriculture, manufactures, markets, fairs, trade and commerce; their Charities and Public Institutions; their Churches and Chapels; the Annual Value, and Patrons and Incumbents of the Benefices; the Lords of the Manors and Owners of the Soil and Tithes; the Unions and County Court Districts; the Addresses of the Inhabitants; the Railway Trains, Steam Packets, Coaches and Carriers; the Seats of Nobility and Gentry, Magistrates and Public Officers; and a variety of other Agricultural, Statistical and Biographical information.
The WHITE's directories are widely acknowledged as being the very finest available, and this one is no exception

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